The ingredients used for both our sauces and pasta dough are of Royal Standards — featuring locally sourced organic vegetables, cage-free eggs, and free-range meats from California farms, paired with Italian flour, olive oils, and truffles.
Pizza is prepared in the traditional Roman style (pizza al taglio).

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Fresh handmade Pasta

Caserecce al Pomodoro $11.00

Original fresh Tomato sauce

Lemon Bucatini $12.00

Fresh lemon juice, light cream, extra virgin olive oil, parsley, chili flakes

Orecchiette al Pesto $13.00

Basil, Parmiggiano cheese, Pecorino cheese, Almonds, Parsley, Extra virgin olive oil

Caserecce alla primavera $13.00

Fresh Pomodoro, Zucchini, Bell peppers, Eggplant, Basil

Bucatini Cacio e Pepe $14.00

Authentic Cacio Cavallo cheese and black pepper

Maccheroni alla Bolognese $15.00

Fresh pomodoro, ground beef and aromatic vegetables

Conchiglie ai Gamberi e Pomodoro $15.00

Shrimps, cherry tomatoes, Extra virgin olive oil and Bsil

Maccheroni al tartufo $22.00

Black truffle, house made truffle butter, light cream sauce, chives

Original Lasagna from Bologna $16.00

Traditional beef with bechamelle

Vegetarian Lasagna $17.00

Fresh basil pesto with mozzarella

Pizze al taglio - Arancini

Margherita $5.00

The one and only pizza named after Queen Margherita

Rossa con acciughe $4.50

Tomato sauce, no cheese and anchovies

Pepperoni $5.00

World famous Pepperoni pizza

Veggie Lover $6.00

Mix grilled vegetables

Meat Lover $6.00

Bolognese sauce, Ham, Mortadella, pepperoni and chicken

Pizza Romana alle patate $5

white pizza in light garlic sauce with oven roasted potatoes and mozzarella

Sicilian Arancini $5

2 Sicilian-inspired rice and pasta balls stuffed with cheeses and meats

Salmon Pizza $7.00

White Pizza in light garlic sauce with mozzarella, capers, smoked salmon, frisee, cream fresh and dill

Salads and Cold pastas

Caprese with burrata $10.00

Fresh Burrata cheese and fresh tomatoes

Ricotta, mele e noci $10.00

Ricotta cheese, apples, walnuts and fresh figs

Orecchiette fredde al pesto di rucola $10.00

Pasta salad with with fresh rucola pesto and cherry tomatoes

Insalata di riso $12.00

Daily fresh rice salad with mix veggies and chicken


Tiramisù $5.00

Panna Cotta $4.00

Pizza alla Nutella $5.00

Gelato Festival

Prince of Venice "Italia Amore Mio" Popsi

Strawberry, Lemon and Mint

Banana Peanut Butter ( Vegan)

4oz and 8oz

Cookies and Cream

4oz and 8oz


4oz and 8oz

Pineapple passion fruit sorbet

4oz and 8oz

Gelato cookie Sandwich chocolate

4oz and 8oz

Gelato cookie Sandwich Mint choc chip

Gelato cookie Sandwich Vanilla choc chip

Chocolate Dark Chocolate Cones

Vanilla white Chocolate Cones

Bacio Gelato Cones ( Vegan)

pistachio Dark Chocolate Cones ( Vegan)


Natural water $1.50 -
San Pellegino $1.75 -
San Pellegrino soda $3.00 -
Coca Cola and diet cola $3.00 -

Natural water $1.50 -
San Pellegino $1.75 -
San Pellegrino soda $3.00 -
Coca Cola and diet cola $3.00 -

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