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The Food Truck

There is Only One Truck Fit for a King, or Should We Say, Prince?

Los Angeles has become a bustling food truck destination, but there is only one truck fit for a king, or should we say a prince? Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia brings the true flavors and pride of Italian cuisine to Southern California with his fresh pasta food truck, celebrating the country of which he is
a Prince.

“After discovering the L.A. food trucks,” says Prince Emanuele, “I saw a need for high-quality Italian food [made] with fresh handmade pasta, and sauces.”
Prince Emanuele began his Southern California culinary journey with a food truck and did not plan on stopping there...

Now, after four years of successful service with the food truck, Emanuele Filiberto has decided to bring a Prince of Venice fast-casual restaurant to Westwood, CA complete with a pasta laboratory where guests will be able to watch hand-crafted, authentic Italian pasta being made right before their eyes.

Authentic, Italian, Organic Ingredients

The Royal Standard

The ingredients used for both the sauces and pasta dough will remain of royal standards,
“The idea is to have the best ingredients from Italy and Southern California - locally sourced organic vegetables, cage-free eggs, and free-range meats from California farms, paired with Italian flour, olive oils, and truffles,” Emanuele explains.

Prince of Venice is adapting the tradition, celebration and value of Italian cuisine to our fast and convenient American food culture. Guests will experience pasta and roman style pizza just like Nonna makes, without the three hour Sunday dinner. Yes, there is also fresh pizza made daily in the fast-casual restaurant. A variety of pizzas (that change frequently depending on the availability of local ingredients) greet customers and are served Roman-style pizza al taglio (by the slice). Vegetarian options are always available. Prince of Venice also has Arancini - roman-inspired rice and pasta balls stuffed with cheeses and meats.

Meet the Chef

Our Italian Chef from Napoli helps Emanuele reach his goal of bringing true Italian cuisine to Los Angeles,

“We want the customer to discover the many different regions of Italy through our dishes, and will continue to make pizza and pasta from scratch at the new restaurant.”

Meet the Owner

Prince Emanuele
Filberto di Savoia

The Prince of Venice (an actual Italian Prince of Piedmont and Venice) Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia, is the grandson of King Umberto II - the last reigning king of Italy. Emanuele has developed a cult following of regulars who extended a warm welcome to the mobile food truck and impatiently await the new fast-casual restaurant.

Like a loyal courtier, make the pilgrimage to the Prince of Venice and be royally rewarded with this exclusive opportunity to enjoy top-notch Italian pasta and pizza at your convenience.


The Story of
Margherita Pizza

While visiting Naples with her husband, Queen Margherita of Savoy (Prince Emanuele's Great Grandmother) grew tired of eating the french food that was served in the palace. She summoned the best pizza maker (pizziaolo) in Naples, Raffaele Esposito.

Esposito prepared the queen three pies, the last being a tomato and mozzarella pizza with olive oil & basil, representing the colors used in the Italian flag. The queen loved it so much that she sent a letter of compliments. Esposito was so proud that he named the pizza after her. And the margherita pizza was born!

The dishes of Prince of Venice
are available three ways

Suiting any situation and every taste bud.

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